Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

Softalia's IPaaS platform provides universal access to a wide range of digital services that can be customized based on the operational needs of institutions or the level of service quality they wish to offer to their residents.
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Revolutionize the patient experience and connected room service offering !

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With its IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution, Softalia addresses three key challenges in healthcare institutions: integration, delivery, and orchestration.

This platform provides universal access to a multitude of digital services that can be customized based on the operational needs of institutions or the level of service quality they wish to offer to their residents.

It is a modern and flexible solution for an optimal healthcare experience !

Application interoperability

Softalia innovates by offering the first iPaaS platform dedicated to facilitating and securing the deployment of new applications for connected rooms.

Softalia provides a simple solution to connect your in-room applications, local systems, and data, in order to optimize your business processes.

Easy integration

The numerous ready-to-use connectors facilitate deployments and integrations, while providing you with the flexibility to monetize and evolve your services. The platform handles all the complexities of application integration and maintenance.

Performance monitoring

You can track and measure the performance of your integrations and usage through various dashboards and analytics tools. Additionally, accounting flows are automated through integration with your Information System.

Time and resource savings

By its simplicity and maintainability, Softalia's platform saves a significant amount of integration time, development resources, and onboarding efforts while also reducing long-term maintenance costs.

The power of the cloud

The various applications are directly accessible on a Cloud environment. This means you can rapidly deploy them across all your rooms, and save all associated costs, such as project management, security testing and evaluation, and implementation time. The platform benefits from Cinalia's Cybersecurity expertise, and enables you to pool all associated costs, such as regular pentests and maintenance of the various modules.

A tailor-made integration of digital solutions that suit your needs

The platform provides universal access to a wide range of digital services that can be embedded based on the operational needs of healthcare facilities or the level of service quality you want to offer to residents.

With Softalia’s IPaaS platform,

  • Engage patients in their care journey and improve their recovery.
  • Facilitate the work of healthcare teams.
  • Develop new funding models for healthcare facilities.

A complete range of services

This new application platform is an intelligent solution for aggregating digital services and third-party solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities while enhancing the patient experience.

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Healthcare Patient Services

The applications for connected rooms on Softalia’s iPaaS platform are designed to enhance patient comfort and reduce the length of their hospital stay.

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Digital Services

The Softalia platform enables healthcare and medico-social facility patients and residents to have a more connected and enjoyable experience ! Through our connectivity and entertainment solutions, we help patients and residents stay connected with the outside world and make their time more enjoyable.

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Business Services

We also offer a suite of business services to assist healthcare facilities in effectively managing their operations and optimizing their performance.

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An inclusive and adaptable solution suitable for all types of establishments.

  •  Accessibility for people with disabilities is also natively integrated into the applications (visibility, interactivity with a single button, etc.) and their environment (bed position, management of lights and openings, nurse call system, etc.).
  • Softalia’s iPaaS platform is specifically designed for outpatient services, dialysis centers, oncology services, establishments specialized in accommodating disabled or polytraumatized individuals, as well as surgical services.
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