Multimed, an entertainment and medical information solution to enhance the patient experience


A unique digital platform for the patient experience

With Multimed, you can now combine resident entertainment with optimized operations. This one-of-a-kind entertainment and medical information solution can be used in patient or resident rooms – at nursing homes, clinics and hospitals – but also in outpatient care, to enrich everyday lives and simplify the coordination of treatments.

With functionalities like access to specific therapeutic content and teleconsultations, post-op monitoring and appointment scheduling, this platform is a response to issues relating to the patient experience and the optimization of accommodation, establishing a new balance thanks to technology.

Un moniteur avec la solution multimed.
Présentation Multimed

A digital solution for patient well-being

Multimed is compatible with all kinds of smart devices and features a range of services dedicated to enriching the patient experience, improving their monitoring and facilitating communication:

An ally for service efficiency

Over and above the patient experience, Multimed helps to optimize the organization of accommodation and the revenue it generates at healthcare establishments thanks to features that can easily be integrated with existing information systems:

Simplified communication

  • Multimed is an intuitive platform that allows for simple, instantaneous interactions between patients and healthcare professionals.

Improved inpatient care

  • Multimed improves the patient experience by incorporating innovative, personalized services.

Optimized accommodation revenue

  • Multimed lets you centralize your departmental charges, manage them by group of establishments and by department, and handle online payment methods.

A secure, user-friendly integrated innovation

Not only is Multimed perfectly interoperable with your connected ecosystem, but it is also easy to use, even for people who have little to no experience with digital technologies. From integration to your learning process, Softalia will help you harness the full potential of this innovative platform.

A turnkey multimedia solution available on Androids

Accessible on any type of digital terminal

Suitable for both inpatient and outpatient care

Compatible with equipment that meets the needs of specific pathologies

Designed in accordance with healthy data hosting, data processing and other standards

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