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Softalia, a division of Synelience Group and a health application solutions editor, offers healthcare institutions and their residents value-added digital services.
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About Softalia

Softalia, a Health Application Solutions Editor

Softalia is the health application solutions publishing division of Synelience Group. Its mission is to provide value-added digital services to healthcare and medico-social institutions, their professionals, residents, and patients.

With this goal in mind, Softalia is currently developing a new application platform that serves as an intelligent aggregation solution for digital services and third-party solutions. This platform is designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of healthcare institutions and enhance the patient experience.

Softalia strives to play a leading role in improving the quality of healthcare and the quality of life for patients by developing the digital solutions of tomorrow. By leveraging the most advanced digital technologies, Softalia is committed to designing innovative solutions that meet the requirements of healthcare professionals and patients.

Application solutions

Softalia is committed to developing innovative application solutions to improve the quality of healthcare and the quality of life for patients, addressing the current and future needs of healthcare institutions, professionals, as well as residents and patients.

The company’s two flagship solutions, Multimed and the iPaaS platform, provide significant benefits to healthcare institutions and patients.



Multimed is an innovative entertainment solution that allows patients to enjoy easy access to multimedia content, as well as relevant medical information. This solution also provides tailored therapeutic content to help patients better understand their health condition and feel more comfortable during their hospital stay.

Pictogramme IPaaS


Softalia’s iPaaS platform is dedicated to facilitating and securing the deployment of new digital services for connected rooms. This platform enables optimal coordination of connected devices in patient rooms and more efficient management of medical data, thereby improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare while providing a better user experience.

une dame âgée avec son médecin

A 100% healthcare publisher

Operating as a dedicated cell for healthcare, Softalia develops application solutions with a unique understanding and agility in the publishing sector. With the goal of boosting operational performance of institutions and improving the daily lives of residents, medical staff, and caregivers, we focus exclusively on the challenges faced by our clients and their daily realities.

This specialization enables us to develop solutions that are truly beneficial and advantageous for the people behind the users, who deserve more comfort and flexibility while enjoying new and enriching possibilities. It is also necessary to effectively address a variety of needs encountered by most healthcare institutions – whether they are administrative, operational, or care-related, we have all the necessary expertise to assist you in treating, tracking, reporting, monitoring, and organizing on a day-to-day basis.

The strength of an international group

As a commercial brand of Synelience Group, Softalia benefits from a network that extends across France and internationally :

  • 300 employees
  • 7 countries
  • 12 locations
  • 150 clients
  • 1 000 operational sites
  • 600 connected healthcare institutions
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