Ethics & Diversity Charter

Softalia’s activities are guided by values that are laid down in our diversity charter, and our projects are driven by our environmental sensitivity and our uncompromising governance policy.
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An overview of our CSR approach

In an approach that puts innovation at the service of humanity, Softalia contributes to creating the conditions for a value-creating digital transformation for all. Our solutions, which simplify the daily lives of thousands of users and optimize business processes within numerous healthcare organizations, exist solely to address the most common and vital needs.

That is why the human dimension is not only integral to all our activities but also the most important criterion for ensuring the success of any collaboration.

With an unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility and a policy of inclusion and well-being for our employees, we strive to create favorable working conditions and an ethical foundation that minimizes the impact of our activities on the external world.

Une équipe soudée.

Corporate responsibility and control over our activities

As a digital services company, we are aware of the invisible impact of our activities and the importance of the data that we help to virtualize. Based on that awareness, we have developed a rigorous governance policy and growing sensitivity to ecological matters:

Our projects are run transparently and in compliance with current legislation and standards in order to ensure personal safety and data security (with a goal of zero corruption).

Sensitive to current environmental challenges, we are committed to offering technology services that are as eco-friendly as possible while meeting the sustainable development goals of our clients.

Wixalia, the systems integration division of Synelience, through its Green WiFi® connectivity solutions, is capable of covering all devices within a network infrastructure while providing environmentally friendly solutions, if desired.

Diversity, inclusion & staff development

In terms of flexibility and work schedules, work-life balance, and the performance of the equipment we provide, Softalia is dedicated to instituting healthy and welcoming working conditions for all our employees.

Caring management

An accomplished manager must be attentive and must establish constructive dialogue between the teams that gives everyone the chance to achieve their full potential and express their ideas.

Inclusion of diversity

We have no tolerance for any form of discrimination based on gender, age, origin, disability or sexual orientation, to ensure that all our employees feel accepted and valued.

Softalia, as a division of Synelience Group, adheres to the Group's CSR approach, which we invite you to discover in full.