Softalia commitments: Innovation in the service of people
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Innovation in the service of people

Whatever the digital challenge, Softalia’s mission is to create shared human values for all of our users. Looking beyond simple questions of ROI, innovation can improve the daily lives of all stakeholders – from consumers to users, by way of patients and residents – as well as the quality of the products and services provided to all.

To place digital innovation in the service of people, we work hard to create products and services that are capable of having a positive impact on customer relations, patient well-being, organizational efficiency and the use of resources. At every step along the way, we build on values and a global technological vision that demand an in-depth understanding of business realities.

Une aide-soignante qui accompagne une personne âgée.

Our values

Whether we are setting up a custom tool under the best possible conditions – without disrupting your work or the treatments you administer – or developing an entirely new software application, Softalia can help use harness the full potential of digital technologies within the framework of an attentive and considerate business relationship, from the first to the last stages of our collaboration:

360° vision of technology

Our employees are passionate about technology, thrive in their constantly changing ecosystem and are there to help you learn to use your new solutions thanks to their cutting-edge expertise and a global vision of innovation.

Support, attentiveness & consideration

Aligning ourselves with your business issues, we provide generous support to enable you to integrate all kinds of solutions and make the most of their potential.

Green IT approach

Because we are fully aware of today’s environmental challenges, we are attentive to your sustainability objectives and will help you roll out solutions that are more respectful of energy resources.