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Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a text file that is installed on the terminal (computer/smartphone/tablet) of a website user. Softalia’s website issues cookies. The purpose of those cookies is to collect information about how you browse the website. Cookies are managed by your web browser.

Categories of cookies

The cookies issued by our website are either necessary cookies or audience measurement cookies.

Necessary cookies are useful to ensuring that our website is secure and functioning correctly. They can be installed without your consent. These functional cookies are stored for 13 months.

Audience measurement cookies allow us to produce statistics about traffic to and use of our website, so we can improve our services and our content based on user preferences. The installation of these cookies requires your consent. You can block them at any time via our cookie management tool. These audience measurement cookies are stored for 13 months.

Softalia is the only issuer of cookies for our website. No third parties issue cookies via the Softalia website.

List of cookies used by our website

Cookie name Purpose Storage period
Necessary cookies To ensure our website is secure and functioning correctly 13 months
Audience measurement cookies To produce browsing statistics 13 months

Allowing or blocking cookies

Our cookie management tool allows you to communicate your choice as concerns the installation of cookies that require your consent.

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