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Data outsourcing and processing

When it involves all of an establishment’s paper files and data, digitization can be extremely painstaking, especially when every medical document has to be input, year after year, at healthcare facilities like nursing homes, clinics and hospitals.

In spite of its complexity, this process offers obvious operational and ecological benefits. It’s not just about doing away with hard copies and shelves bearing excessive weight. It’s also about the continuous availability of assets that allow healthcare professionals and facilities to better manage their residents and monitor their patients.

Benefits of outsourced data entry

Performing a digital backup is an important step towards bringing healthcare facilities into the 2.0 era, but it is also a time-consuming process that requires a dedicated team and resources to complete it without any errors or major slowdowns.

Still, in the long term, outsourced data entry can lead to increased productivity and flexibility and save time for many establishments and allows them to save money on the vast quantities of paper they use each year.

Whether you have administrative, accounting, commercial or legal documents, Softalia will put its expertise in outsourced data entry to work for you in order to optimize your archiving solution going forward.

Outsourced data entry: Specific skill sets


The complexity and level of detail involved in outsourced data entry requires the skills of an expert curator at every step in the process:

Qualified data entry operators are tasked with developing a centralized database to simplify the indexing, organization and archiving of data.

We are familiar with the archiving challenges facing the healthcare sector and can guarantee your data’s availability, regardless of the quantity of records that need to be processed.

We can help ensure the security and confidentiality of your data and of the sensitive information that needs to be protected at all times.


Whatever your digitization needs, we can assist you with all of the key aspects of outsourcing your data entry:

  • Data integration
  • Data structure & enrichment
  • Document digitization
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