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Expertise with an emphasis on methodology

Thanks to our longstanding closeness to the healthcare sector, Softalia possesses cross-cutting expertise in the field of e-health and an in-depth understanding of the challenges that are an integral part of the day-to-day work done by the staff at establishments like nursing homes, clinics and hospitals.

This expertise applied to development places an emphasis on methodology: to create relevant software solutions and applications for you, our teams have implemented a process that begins with design thinking, an analytical and empathetic approach that capitalizes on the full potential of your digital transformation.

End-to-end support

Thanks to the software and applications that we develop and tailor to your specific issues, each of our integration projects is unique. We are part of the next generation of software factories, capable of providing tangible responses to needs in the form of unique digital solutions, thanks to a process that begins with design thinking:

Our process begins with understanding business realities and identifying areas for optimization, and also includes the creation of prototypes and testing conducted in real-world conditions.

After conducting a needs analysis, our engineers move on to the stages of functional specifications, the development of the software’s architecture, and the design and implementation (or coding) of the software.

Once the PoC has been approved, we assemble the necessary skill sets for the shift to industrial mode and the integration of your new perfectly interoperable solutions with your existing ecosystem.

As specialists in skills transfers and change management, we can help you find your feet with your new software and gain proficiency in every aspect and functionality.

As needed, we can provide local support and helpful support, even long after the end of integration – not to mention issues of stability and IT security, which are necessary to ensuring that all your software runs smoothly.

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